Why run for office?

Politicians today refuse to compromise for the people. Public figures are worried about playing party politics instead of giving the voters a say. The state government continues to under-fund essential programs, like public education, but give tax breaks to large companies.  In 2015, Lucas J. Link felt the impact of under-funding first hand when he was cut from his teaching position at Dubuque Hempstead High School. Lucas decided from that day forward he would advocate for members of the public who have been neglected by the Iowa Government 


Who is Lucas J. Link?

Lucas J. Link, is a teacher, coach, and concerned tax paying citizen of Iowa.

Lucas was raised in Asbury, Iowa by Rod and Tammy Link. When  he was 13 he moved to Dubuque County. Lucas graduated from Hempstead High School in 2009 while participating in football, track, and wrestling. He graduated from Loras College in 2013 with a bachelor of arts degree in history and endorsements in secondary education-all social science. Since 2013, Lucas has been coaching football at Hempstead High school. Link is currently employed at Eleanor Roosevelt Middle School where he teaches 8th  grade American History, leads the social studies content, and coaches wrestling and track.


Link as a Libertarian

As a Libertarian, Lucas J. Link believes that the government shouldn’t control our lives. We are the ambassadors of our own destiny and corrupted government has intervened with our success. Lucas considers himself between two parties. He is fiscally conservative and socially liberal. Lucas J. Link believes in the freedom of choice and becoming the “Link” between two parties.