Advocating for the Middle Class: 

Enough is enough, the middle class must stand up and tell our legislators that we’re sick of politicians getting paid by out of state interests. Our workers shouldn’t have to worry about consistently losing their jobs, getting cut by the state, or not receiving adequate funding to keep our institutions running. It’s time we take back Iowa and give the middle class a voice.  

Family Farms: 

The state of Iowa needs to stocatering towards large concentrated animal feeding operations and allow small farmers to grow their livestock (CAFO). We must negotiate with local school districts to have small farms produce crops and livestock to be used in our schools. In turn, the school district must teach students the appropriate skills of agriculture in the state today.  

Gas Tax: 

Advocate for improving Dubuque County roads with the funds created from the Iowa Gas Tax increase. If roads and bridges aren’t improving, we must take a more in-depth look into where this money is being spent.  

Legalization of Cannabis:

Cannabis should be legalized for the production of hemp, medical, and recreational marijuana. Hemp has a variety of purposes including oils, textiles, and nutrients. Hemp could be grown at Dubuque County farms and create new production industries in our community. Hemp has less than 1% THC and will not get a person high. Marijuana should be legalized for recreational use where it should be taxed. Taxed marijuana funds should be transparent and placed to public education. The steps we would like our state to take would involve the following:

  • Decriminalize the cannabis plant.
  • Promote the growing of hemp for production purposes including food, oils, fuel, and manufacturing products.
  • Collaborate with local farmers to produce hemp for production in our county.
  • Create a new local production of hemp for purposes including food, oils, fuel, and manufacturing in Dubuque County.
  • Legalize the medical use of marijuana.
  • Legalize the recreational use of marijuana to be taxed by the state and local entities with profits going to public education. We will set a cap on how much money we will collect from taxes. The rest of the tax money will be kicked back to the taxpayers in the form of a refund.

Minimum Wage:

All counties of Iowa should choose their wages. The state of Iowa shouldn’t control the minimum wage.  

State Income Tax Transparency:

All check stubs should include the tax payers portion of tax dollars to certain programs. It should be mandatory for each payment statement to give the people an idea of how much of their earned money is going towards specific government programs. This will allow the people to self-regulate programs that are non-essential to their communities and push for tax reforms.  

Tax Credits: 

Take a look at Iowa tax credits and incentives for big businesses and make them pay their fair share. The Iowa Research Activities tax credit needs to be adjusted when we balance Iowa’s budget.