K-12 Education: 

Education is the bedrock of our society. It’s important to invest in our students because they are the future. Many of our struggles in society can be solved by giving students the tools necessary to grow as individuals and practicing members of our community. Public education funding needs to increase with rising inflation. Proper supports need to be in place to keep teachers in their profession. Communities need to advocate for students to increase essential skills to be successful in Iowa society. Students and parents always have a say in their education but that doesn’t mean funds from public education should go towards private entities. Increasing our state’s budget in a fiscally conservative way to protect public education is important to our growth as a community.

  • Increase K-12 Funding more than inflation rates each year.
  • One-on-One computing for every student. 
  • Offer more educational opportunities for students to get involved in technical programs. 
  • Work with local accredited secondary educational institutions to develop student skills, interdependence, and 21st-century learning. 

Secondary Education: 

State schools should offer college to students who qualify at a reduced rate than already instated. Students from out of state should have to pay higher prices (than already instated) to receive an education. The goal of secondary education in Iowa should be to get Iowan’s ready to have sustainable careers in our state. College should never be free and it is not for every citizen.

  • Lower tuition rate for in-state students at public schools.
  • Raise tuition rates for out-of-state students at public schools.
  • Promote students staying in Iowa.
  • Create common work skill development between public high schools and technical/community colleges.