Climate Change:

There is no doubt that climate change is impacting our world. It is our job to ensure that the public recognizes the research and findings of experts. Climate change will impact agricultural production and consumption throughout the world. As a world leader in agriculture, Iowa needs to take a stand to protect our environment and cut down pollutants. We have one earth and we need to protect it.  


The best way to combat pollutants in our environment is through the use of education. The companies, people, and agencies that fail to comply with environmental protection regulations should face stiff penalties for their actions. The government doesn’t need to ban recyclable items in our community. We need to increase our public access to knowledge about the impact of pollutants on our community.  

  • Local governments should refrain from banning plastic bags. 

  • Local communities need to work together to increase education on pollutant impacts and prevent the use of nondegradable items.  

  • Water contamination is a serious problem in our communities. It is important to protect our agricultural products in an environmentally friendly way to prevent water contamination in our streams, rivers, and drinking water.  

Renewable Energy:

Iowa is one of the national leaders in renewable energy production. Iowa needs to keep renewable energy tax credits to emphasize the use of wind, solar, hydro-power, and bio-fuels. The goal is to expand the accessibility of renewable energy to benefit small energy producers. The competition between renewable energy producers will lead to lower costs and safe alternatives for the users.