Health Care:

Health care costs need to be lower. The best way to lower health care prices is by making procedures and treatments readily available to the public. Letting the free market compete with health care saves the tax payers money while driving down health costs. The government should restructure programs that help the less fortunate who are unable to attain affordable health care. 

Health Insurance:

Health insurance should not be regulated by the government. Privatization of health insurance should be made available to everyone at an affordable rate. Allowing health insurance to compete in the private sector will lower prices. A regulated government health insurance plan could be an option for those who qualify. 

Health Choices:

At no point will I advocate for the termination of pregnancy. That being said, the government should not be involved in the peoples’ personal lives. Women and men should have the right to choose what is best for them. As citizens, we must protect the rights of the unborn by educating the public to consider many options throughout and after a pregnancy.