My mission is to protect the United States Constitution from the forces of government intruding on our God given rights.


Personally, I’m Pro-Life because I would never advocate for the termination of an unborn child. In regards to the public I’m Pro-Choice, the government should not be involved in the peoples personal lives. Decisions that families make behind closed doors shouldn’t be regulated by state and national powers. 

Gun Control:

All citizens have the right to own and possess a weapon according to The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution.

LBGTQ Rights:

Support our neighbors and love one another, no matter your sexual orientation or gender. According to the Fourteenth Amendment of the United States Constitution, all citizens are guaranteed equal protection under the law. Any entities, companies, or state government that interferes with those rights shall be deemed unconstitutional.


Today’s society and political climate has increased more division in our country than unity. Every persons opinion is value and protected under The First Amendment of the United States Constitution. Just because a person’s opinion doesn’t coincide with yours doesn’t make them an enemy or politically incorrect. We must value all speech in our society regardless of politics, religion, or views.

Voting Rights:

Voter Id’s marginalize races from not being able to vote while wasting tax payer money. Id’s should not be required for it an essential American right.